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I partner with individuals and organizations who want more focus, a healthy balance, and increased productivity in their lives. I can also assist you if you are in transition in your career or personal life, and help you discover and release your Personal Calling and your Wealth Builder Within.



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Do you really believe: “God wants you to be wealthy?

Are you an entrepreneur or success-minded person ready to “go for the gold” in your financial future? If you are, then the message of this book is for YOU. Wealth and spirituality are not incompatible – No! Their harmony is absolutely necessary. You should be proud of that righteous desire and Calling from God within you to produce wealth for yourself and share it with others. God Wants You To be Wealthy shows you that the compatibility of wealth and spirituality are biblical, spiritual, AND necessary.

God Wants You To Be Wealthy is:
The First
“Wealth Commentary”
of the Bible

God Wants You to Be Wealthy is a motivational book and the first wealth commentary of the Bible. This commentary sees wealth everywhere – in the Bible, in the universe, and in you. It empowers entrepreneurs, business people, and success-minded individuals to pursue God’s Calling and powerfully release the wealth builder within. This motivating book is for individuals who desire to have a happy, more fruitful life producing and enjoying wealth.



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Kenneth Hammonds
M. Div. (Theology/Biblical Literature), Ed. D.

Dr. Kenneth Hammonds is a Certified Success Coach, New Testament Greek Trainer, and noted Christian Educator in the African American Church community. Dr. Hammonds has backgrounds in both Biblical Literature and Personal Coaching. One of his specialties in biblical studies is the examination of Spirituality and Wealth. Dr. Hammonds has been equipped biblically, theologically, and in over 35 years of practical ministry for his investigation into and teaching on this subject.(read more)



Through utilizing professional coaching skills, transformational techniques, and a custom designed plan I empower people (YOU) and the organizations where you work and worship to achieve personal and organizational progress and success in every area of life. (read more)

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